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Finding out about support near you   

You can find out what support there is near you by looking at the Local Offer. This is the name of a web page or written information, like a leaflet. It is written by your local authority, which might be called ‘the council’.


The Local Offer is for:

Disabled children and young people

Children and young people with special educational needs. Special educational needs are when you need extra help to learn things.

Families of those children and young people


The Local Offer must give you information about the support that you should be able to get in your area.



The Local Offer must have information about:
Schools, colleges or training
Special health support
Hobbies or fun activities
Support for becoming an adult


The local authority must ask you what it should put in the Local Offer. You can tell your local authority what you think about it. They must show everyone what people have said and explain how they are going to make it better.
Your Local Offer is on your local authority website. If you cannot get on the website then they should give you written information, like a leaflet.

Find your local offer on The Local Offer website


To find out more about the Local Offer, go to YouTube.

Information, Advice and Support Services can help you to find your Local Offer. They can also help you to tell your local authority what you think about your Local Offer.

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